About us

Borrowbelle was born out of a dream to
create magical spaces in busy lives…

Magical, joyful spaces in the Yorkshire Dales

When we first started camping in a bell tent, we knew they were special. Here was a space that felt so calming, so beautiful and so in tune with nature. At a time when many of us have been missing that connection with family and our favourite places, getting together to treasure the special things in life is more important than ever.

Borrowbelle tents bring families together without distractions, they suspend us within nature and create the space you need to read, play, do yoga, talk, meditate or whatever else it is that brings you joy.  

Our story

We first dreamed of setting up our own glamping site many years ago when we set off from London to go camping in the Lakes with a borrowed car and a two-man tent. Fast forward through more London living to a couple of years in smog-choked but wonderful Jakarta in Indonesia and we serendipitously ended up living in the Yorkshire Dales.

Naturally we got our tent out again to immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery, but with little people in the picture, we soon upgraded to a bell tent. It was then we realised just how special these spaces were, and in 2019, while back in the Lakes, we decided we’d do what we could to share them with other people like us. And that’s where Borrowbelle began.

Since last year we’ve brought unique children’s parties to the Dales, and helped people from all over the UK experience the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales through glamping in a bell tent. We can’t wait to keep spreading the magic.

We’d love to hear from you

We’d love to hear from you

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