A collection of the latest Borrowbelle news, a taste of our Instagram posts, as well as a few other tales and tidbits that you might find interesting…

U P D A T E :   W H A T   W E   C A N   D O   A N D   W H E N 

28 February 2021

Anyone else starting to get this rising sense of panic that they really should be booking things to make the most of the slowly lifting lockdown but you feel a little like a rabbit in the headlights? Or is that just us? Anyway, clarity helps, so here’s how we can help you gently ease out of lockdown and enjoy every little step of it at your own pace…


Right now you can enjoy a beautiful bell tent haven in your garden, set up for  glamping, romance, playtime or relaxing with your household bubble. We’ll keep each other safe with a totally non-contact (but full of warmth) delivery through your back gate, BACS payment and extra cleaning procedures. You just need a garden larger than 7 metres in diameter (for the 5-metre tent and guy ropes) and to live in the Skipton or Grassington area. Prices start from £150. 


So this is when you’re allowed a group of 6 or one other household to hang out in your garden. So why not hire a Borrowbelle tent and roll up the sides (it looks gorgeous) and use it as an open-air all-weather canopy while you’ve got your friends round. When they’ve gone, zip it up and get cosy in it with your household bubble. Prices start from £150. 


This is the date you’ve been longing for if you want to get away and we’ll be so ready to help you do it. This isn’t a time for hard work – you’ve been waiting for this! We’ll book your Yorkshire Dales campsite, then when you arrive your bell tent will be perfectly pitched and made up with luxurious beds, cosy rugs, twinkly lights and even a breakfast hamper or a bottle of something special. So you can kick back, throw some logs on the fire pit and relax. It’s £100 per night including campsite fees. Why not get another family on board and glamp next to each other? 


If you can’t wait to have your friends and family over to stay, then make it extra special with a bell tent in the garden. Give your teenager a treat and let them have that sleepover with 5 of their friends or camp out with the cousins who come to stay. Toast marshmallows on the fire pit together, make memories and make up for all of that lost time. It’s £150 per night. 


Okay this is maybe going to feel weird after so long (Stockholm syndrome anyone?) but at this point you can have a kids’ party in your Borrowbelle tent and invite the whole class if you want to. You can have a grown up party and use the bell tent as a very cool chill out zone in the garden. You can go glamping at your favourite Yorkshire Dales campsite, you can use it for your wedding, use it for yoga… the possibilities are endless. 

G A R D E N    G L A M P I N G

11 April 2020

We’ve seen so many people using the gorgeous weather this weekend to camp in the garden. It’s such a lovely idea if you’ve got the space and gets all the wonderful outdoor endorphins going, all the cosy togetherness and a whole lot of adventuring, all within a few steps from the comforts of home.

If you want to make your experience even more special, here are some garden glamping tips from us at Borrowbelle:

– String up twinkly fairy lights or scatter battery-powered tealights to create an extra special atmosphere

– Make the beds look beautiful – carry out any mattresses you can manage, use real duvets and pillows and decorate with cushions

– Use rugs on the floor and leave shoes at the door to keep it clean and cosy inside

– Add some improvised bedside tables for your book and cup of tea – upturned wooden or plastic boxes (cover with a throw) are the perfect height for your low bed

– Pop special snacks on a ‘kitchen table’ – marshmallows to toast, hot chocolate and some overnight oats for the morning

– Leave a little package on the pillow for your fellow campers – perhaps containing snacks, eggs, a handwritten note or a book or board game they haven’t seen before

– While everyone’s sleeping, create an Easter egg hunt around the tent for morning…

But however you do it – enjoy! These moments are the ones that you’ll remember for ever for all the right reasons.

F E E L    J O Y

9 January 2020

Give a huge high five to your inner child (and any real children you may have!) because our third theme for 2020 is all about pure, unbridled, childlike fun! What did you love to do as a child? For me it was reading, acting and running about in the open air – I remember begging to go on walks… and much like a dog, I kind of did need to be exercised!

It’s still pretty true today, although it’s all too easy to lose touch with our inner child sometimes. So when we create Borrowbelle birthday parties for your little people, we’re also doing it for the little person that’s inside of you. Our bell tents can be anything you can imagine. A woodland den? A pirate ship? An army base? A flower fairy hideout? We’ll provide a few magic ingredients and then you can watch their amazing imaginations run wild.

Of course the best bit is that it’s all outside in the open air – creating rosy cheeks, tons of feel good factor… and for the boring grown up in you, no mess in your house!

B E    C O N S C I O U S

7 January 2020

Today’s theme for 2020 is about being conscious of the impact we have on our planet.

Back in 2019 (aggggesss ago!) we were lucky enough to be part of the first cohort of @futurefixers – a great business course that focused on the three Ps: people, planet and profitability. Surrounded by wonderfully passionate people, it got us thinking about how we should consider sustainability in every business decision we make.

So far that’s looked like using ‘borrowed’ or upcycled furnishings for our tents, making sure that any new tents we buy are made in the UK, and doing our best to help parents and kids enjoy plastic-free parties. We also bonded with other exciting new businesses who are doing some good for the planet – like @thesiliconestrawcompany who make amazing reusable straws that are perfect for a Borrowbelle party. 

But there is so much more we can do – both as a new business and as a family. So this year we’re hoping to learn more, collaborate with like-minded people and try to have a more positive footprint on the world. We’d love to hear from you (email if you have any ideas to help us with this…

F E E L   C A L M

4 January 2020

Life can feel so hectic and the mental load is all too real. But one way which seems to be working so far is to do the planning and thinking ONCE so that the everyday involves less of those little decisions. And what better time for planning than the start of a fresh new year? From the mundane (3-week meal planner) to the magical (birthdays and holidays) – planning it out early makes it so much less stressful.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring a bell tent for your little one’s birthday in the summer, or you want to try glamping somewhere local but you just haven’t had the headspace, now’s the time to get it booked. We’re excited to be taking bookings for the spring and summer already and we’d love to help make your 2020 extra special too.

Not only will it be something wonderful to look forward to, it’s also one less thing off your list. So you can get back to enjoying the moments in between with fewer thoughts racing through your head.